The deadline app for Maltese companies


Do you take care of a Maltese company?

If yes, this app is just for you.


Every Maltese company has a number of different deadlines every year and the due date of some of them varies depending on the date of incorporation and the financial year end.

Missing a deadline results in financial penalties and therefore it is essential to know what these deadlines are and more importantly, when they fall due. This app reminds you so you don’t have to remember.

The deadlines are automatically calculated depending on the little information you insert at the start. And it also reminds you that a due date is approaching soon!

The app calculates the following deadlines:

  1. Filing date of the audited accounts with the Maltese Registry
  2. Filing date of the annual return with the Maltese Registry
  3. Filing date of the income tax return
  4. Provisional tax payment dates and settlement tax payment dates
  5. Filing and payment relating to VAT returns
  6. Filing of VAT recapitulative statements
  7. Filing of the FSS (payroll) forms

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